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Contact Real Estate Agent In Singapore Choa Chu Kang


Mindy Yong value your calls


We believe that our website has stored a diverse range of information that serves to enlighten you about our service and the situation in Singapore property, especially in Choa Chu Kang area. However, if you still have any other queries that you want to clarify with us, we are always approachable through email and phone. Simply contact our main agent, Mindy Yong, at her phone number (+65) 91002985 and her email, and she will always be glad to answer any queries that you may have.

Our company deeply believe that giving clients a lucid description of property that they want to invest in is a must in every transaction. Hence, do not hesitate or shy to ask any of our staffs about the prospects or any questions regarding the property you are interested in. We can assure you that our staffs are all experienced in their own fields and have an extensive knowledge on Singapore property. Hence, we believe that there are no queries that cannot be resolved by our staffs.

You can also come to our office in Singapore if you want to, and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Making a decision in property is never an easy decision, and therefore to make the most prudent and felicitous one, one always has to clarify any doubts in his or her mind. Do remember that once you make a transaction in property, it always involves a huge sum of money and therefore a cautious approach is always essential. Hence, based on this reason, we understand that it is normal for anybody to ask a lot of questions before making a big decision in property.

We are always glad and we will always welcome any of your questions regarding your investment in Singapore or Chua Chu Kang property. Just direct your questions to us and you will receive the answers to your question in brevity of time within 24 hours excluding the weekends and public holiday. Do not be hesitant to approach us, because uncertainty or poor knowledge usually contributes to a poor decision in the market.

Type of Properties in Singapore

Landed Properties: semi-detach house, intermediate terrace, corner terrace, cluster houses,bungalow ,black & white houses.
Private Apartments: apartment (walk up / low rise / high rise), town house, duplex, shophouse, condominium.
Commercial / Industrial Properties: factory,  office, shophouse, shop space,land, warehouse, retail space, stall.
Public Housing: HDB flats (1-5 rooms flats, executive maisonette, multi-generation, jumbo flat ,executive apartment, ).


Buying Enquiry, Selling Enquiry, Renting Enquiry, Investing Enquiry

Mindy Yong 杨雯诗

Tel: (+65) 91002985

Fax: (+65) 64021826


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